Flexible 360 Video Editing for Windows and MAC

Mirror ball
360 and flat/2D conventional video
With Molanis 360 VR Video Editor you can edit your 360 videos or you can turn them into amazing 2D videos using features like Little Planet and OverCapture. Available for Windows and MAC.
360 Text
Text, images, and effects for 360 video
Don’t worry about distortion. Text and images are automatically adjusted to look good on 360. Our effects do not create artifacts.
Multitrack timeline
Multitrack timeline
Create powerful projects managing multiple tracks, videos, images, sound, music and objects.
Animate 360
Use keyframes to animate text, images, and even the 360 video.
Proxy Editing
360 Proxy editing
Great performance for 360 video editing for 4K resolutions while maintaining the highest quality at export time.
Multiple 360 video exports
Multiple exports
Export to multiple standard formats and VR headsets. Molanis 360 VR Video Editor will get your video ready for Youtube injecting all the required Metadata.
360 Video Layout
Great design and flexibility
Work the way you want creating your own custom layouts.
360 Effects
360 Ready effects
Amazing effects for correct 360 videos.
360 3D Ready
360 3D Ready
Edit your 360 3D Videos. Supports top down and side by side videos.
360 Color Correction
Color management
Color correction for your 360 videos.
360 Correct Horizon
Correct horizon
Align the horizon and change the starting point of your 360 video.
360 Video in Video
Flat video in 360 video
Insert your conventional videos into a 360 Video.

Watch all the features in action in our 360 video demo!
Equirectangular version

360 degree version

2D video from a 360 video demo